Sunday, February 3, 2008

SSH for 03Feb08


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Episode Fifteen. In which the authors eat out your heart.

A Little of the Old Back and Forth
Joel Strong's America via Satellite
Action City Recap, Rip City Edition
The Neutral Supporter

Dramatis Personae (in order of Joel Strong's Roommate):
Lucky Dan
Dirty Dan
Desperate Dan
Didgeri Dan

1 comment:

noble weston said...

recently in my fumbling through the annuls of anticipated futbol events a few key dealings have caught my intrest. I would like to share with you my findings.

Firstly, I have recently realized the next host to the 2010 World Cup shall be.. (drumroll) South Africa. Indeed, apparently South Africa's last Hosting was over 70 years ago.
Regarding the political history of the region I have found that the Dutch East Trading Company (Afrikaans) migrated to the area in the late eighteenth century, and have been partly responsible of course for the apartheid against indigenous peoples, namely, the Zulu Nation.

the point to this however, is to continue with my linguistic tendencies and come up with some terms (poorly constucted)for when the time comes in which you will be reporting live from south african sidelines in 2010, (as I know you will be)

Here are some terms in the Afrikaan

1)I love soccer
ek liefh sokker
2)we will defeat you
ons wil verslaan u
3)bring medial supplies
saambring noodhulp

there you have it.

lastly I would like to acknowledge the glorious nod made to sir walter raleigh in the previous episode, which was unfairly undermined and disregarded by Mr. FFitch.

Godspeed Gentlemen

-noble weston