Monday, January 28, 2008

SSH for 27Jan08


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Episode Fourteen. In which the authors charm your pants off

Consecutive Technical Malfunctions

Dramatis Personae (in order of Eleventh Fingers):
Eamon ffitch
The Jailblazers
Joel Strong
Carson Cistulli
Dax Crum

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noble weston said...

To the editors and gentlemen who with utmost passion reveal to us the truth, beauty and aesthetic virtue in sport today, I humbly submit, as a just supporter of your endeavors, these comments in light of last week's reportage.
I should wish to tell the tale of that delightful evening when I took repose and with giddy anticipation opened article. relaxing in my favorite armoir, and in my smoking, began to contemplate the issues at hand, of course in my reading I was interupted by nanny who had brung a delightful array of finger sandwiches and the black tea. (to which of course I made more uplifting with a touch of golden liquid from a trusted siver friend which I generally keep close to my heart). With light dwindling as i had indeed finished my readings, I sat peacefully in my chair, and in the accompaniment of my library began to examine a few tenuous remarks.
1)curiosity touched my linguistic spirit, as I attempted to ascribe meaning to the term "kitunguu"
which in the swahili means garlic.
2) let us not alter the words of the great Nietsche who might take offense at the morphing of "Uebermensch" which translates most correctly in the english as superman, or superhuman.
(the most improper defining of the word can be found in the philosophy of Mr. Adolf Hitler)
3)I might request from the sporting hour more coverage of the more, shall we say, refined and dignified sports, such as equestrian and fencing. i recommend the BBC's fencing debate page where one might find such tantalizing comments as, "Going out to a bad decision from and inexperienced fencer is infuriating" -HB

I look forward to the paper publication next week